The Game Trap

2 cageIf you hear yourself saying, ”It’s not personal. It’s just business,” be careful. Ask yourself if you’ve made a decision you’re not proud of.

“It’s just business” and “not personal” imply that there are different guidelines or values we apply depending on whether we deem the interaction as ‘personal; or ‘business’. If in the ‘personal’ interaction we apply our life values, what values or rules are we applying in the business interaction?

Having two sets of values implies business as a game. This tempts us to view the primary goal as getting the best score (money). There are two problems with this.

First of all, it is personal. For the entrepreneur who invested five years of his life in a start-up? For the manager who’s wrestled a new division to life? For the team leader who’s nurtured the growth of the members of her team? For the small business owner who has employed the same friends for 25 years? For you when your best client signs a deal with a competitor? It is personal.

Second, the “game” of business and sales has no rules. In the end the only rules are the rules you choose to live by. And if you choose to live by them and then apply them selectively (as in this doesn’t count, this is business), then you’re not really living by them.

Strive to be the same “you” in business and everything else. In the end you’ll be happier, healthier and more fun to be with.

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